Rear Excavator for Massey Ferguson pedal tractor


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The rear excavator will become the favorite accessory of your little farmer. It can be easily positioned at the rear of your pedal tractor, while at the same time ensuring your child’s safety thanks to patented safety features, such as the automatic locking of the loading arm.
It can only be used when stationary with support leg down, the seat and arm can turn through 180 degrees, the control levers allow it to raise and lower the scoop and tip material just like the real thing.

Adaptable to all MF 7726 models , Rolly Kids and Little Fergie.

Dimension: 40 x 78 x 23 cm / 15 x 30 x 9 inch
Weight: 1.8 Kilos / 4 pounds
Maximum weight supported: 50 Kilos / 110 pounds
Recommended Age: 2 ½ – 10 years old

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